10 Reasons Why Bernie is the Role Model in America for Hygge

Bernie Sanders and Hygge

The people of Denmark practice a way of being called Hygge that keeps them healthy, happy and connected. Read 10 ways in which
Bernie Sanders embodies the practices behind hygge.

1) Bernie gets the concepts of ‘practical and cozy’, sporting his beige Burton winter coat on inauguration day of the 46th president of the United States.

2) He’s a no-nonsense, authentic politician who says what’s on his mind.

3) The Vermont senator’s slogan ‘Not me. Us.’ is a sentiment that is congruent with Danish culture.

4) Bernie understands the importance of maintaining social connections, even in the midst of a pandemic (from a safe social distance of course).

5) From a personal brand standpoint, Bernie consistently presents himself in a minimalist and understated, rather than ostentatious, manner.

6) Rather than preoccupying himself with his peers, and getting bogged down with social comparison, Bernie instead focuses on serving his constituents and working for the greater good.

7) Self-care is top priority for the 79-year old senator, reflected in his choice of comfortable seating.

8) Bernie has long-time supported ‘Education For All’ so his book shelf must be remarkable.

9) Bernie’s stance regarding a just and even distribution of wealth across society aligns well with the socio-economic reality in Denmark.

10) Those mittens! They are hand-knit, one of a kind, uniquely crafted from repurposed wool sweaters and recycled plastic bottles, and given to him as a gift from a Vermont school teacher after he lost the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. Oh so hygge.

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