Virtual Educators Conference

DATE: Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

TIME: 9:30 a.m. EST

LOCATION: Zoom Video Conference

REGISTRATION: $130.00 Canadian Dollars + HST (13% Tax)


On March 20th, it became apparent to me that Redwing Institute’s 2020 season was going to be dramatically impacted by the worldwide pandemic. I spent 3 days mourning the loss of the season that had not yet even begun and then asked the question: “If not that, then what?”.

I imagined new ways in which Redwing Institute could serve the people we work with – teachers, students, educators and schools.

Then, I reached out to our education partners and asked them for insight into what areas they and their students were struggling. Some of what they identified were the following: frustration with technology, their concern over the mental well-being of their students, the challenges of having to adapt their lesson plan for a home-school environment, the difficulty of connecting with and engaging students in a mediated format, a sense of grief and loss for cancelled school events and class projects and relationships – with their peers, their students and themselves. What has emerged from those conversations is a virtual half-day conference on “How To Embrace Rapid Change And Thrive”, focused on providing value to anyone working in the field of education.

Join me, and our insightful line-up of speakers for an energizing morning of challenging assumptions, unpacking the process of change, shifting mindset and imagining best possible futures for both students and educators.

Recognizing the value of multi-disciplinary life-long learning, the curated list of invited speakers has been carefully selected for their background in education, their experience working with organizational teams, families and kids and their expertise in positively navigating change.

You will leave the half-day conference with practical and actionable tools and strategies you can begin using right away for yourself and with your students. You will specifically learn how to get out of the “same-old-thinking-rut” and find new solutions in this ‘new normal’, gain a practical approach on troubleshooting change, learn how to use body movement to shift your mindset and harness your strength of curiosity to pinpoint what’s working well and how to positively move forward.

I sincerely look forward to meeting you,

Lisa Gervais
Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Redwing Institute



Session: We’ve Always Done It That Way – Challenge Assumptions and Embrace the New Normal

The world is changing. “We’ve always done it that way” doesn’t cut it. The thinking, processes, and attitudes that got us where we are have served their purpose. Now it’s time to shift our thinking and take the next steps to succeed. Dan Trommater has been helping people challenge deeply held assumptions for over 20 years. In this session, he’ll use eye-popping magic, stories, and optical illusions as powerful visual metaphors to grab you by the brain and gently shake. This will not only be thoroughly engaging and a lot of fun, it will also empower each person at the conference to apply the ideas in their own lives.

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Meet Dan Trommater:
Dan Trommater is not your ordinary miracle worker. His programs are interactive experiences that combine world-class magic and humor to teach practical tools that improve communication, teamwork, and leadership at every level. With empathy at the core of all his work, Dan is passionate about helping people push past limitations and live more fulfilling lives. Learn more at


Session: The Cat Lady Declaws Change Management
Yep, large-scale change can be managed, even when we’re in the middle of it. Solutions may not be perfect but there are always places where we can regain some control.

– Discuss the stages of change
– Explore why change fails and how to course correct
– Troubleshoot change

Practical examples, tips and tools to support navigating a shifting workplace and world! Cat appearances may occur.

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Meet Dennie Theodore:
This award-winning communicator, professor, business strategist and writer-artist has contributed her leadership and change skills to TD Bank Group, Atlantis Systems International, Humber College, AT&T and more. A certified Prosci ADKAR® change manager, Dennie is passionate about storytelling and shared outcomes. She believes relationships are the heart of how information is transmitted/received and runs a blog – SimilarCircles – exploring mentoring, networking and building community. She also believes chocolate is a food group and pie is a breakfast food.


Session: Wait a minute  – Managing Through Transitions

Wouldn’t it be great if life had a pause button? A button you could press to stop everything around you, so you have a second to recalibrate to the new normal? What if I told you this button exists? I’m going to teach you the “Wait A Minute” practice, which is a 3-part strategy you can implement today and teach your students. It is a strategy that can be done in 18 seconds or less once you get the hang of it, and it will help with managing any transition.

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Meet Jenna Bayne:
Jenna has personally worked with thousands of families in the past seven years, helping navigate through chaos and transitions. Jenna believes when you create a stable family home, you create a stable world. Home is more than the physical place in which you live. Home also includes the mind, the place in which you spend all of your time. She is the creator of Bayne, a community hosting popular parenting memberships and programs like The Lonely Marriage and The Champion Mindset. Jenna began her career as a second-grade teacher, so she understands the critical role a teacher plays from all angles and is honoured to serve these brilliant souls. You’re all invited to


Session: Times of Struggle Offer Us Our Greatest Lessons (& Opportunities)

Everyone is struggling to respond to the challenges that COVID-19 has brought into our lives, our work, the lives of students and into our communities. What if there was a way to help shift the conversation from focusing on what’s wrong to appreciating how we are dealing with this painful struggle AND inquiring into what we are learning from our experiences? You are invited to tell stories of resilience, to share strategies and practices that you are doing or have observed. You will leave with a simple, yet powerful tool that you can use immediately.

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Meet Mo (Maureen) McKenna:
Mo McKenna is an energy catalyst and founder of the consulting firm Return on Energy. Using the leading-edge, positive change approach called Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Mo helps leaders build more human and productive workplaces. She has been a leader in the field of Appreciative Inquiry for more than 20 years. Before starting her consulting practice, Mo was a manager at Xerox Canada Ltd. Learn more at

Meet Nancy Nightingale:
Nancy Nightingale is an edupreneur, she uses her skills as a teacher and administrator to bring about positive change in education. As Principal of AY Jackson Secondary School, TDSB, Nancy created a non-traditional program called jPod, where students created their own academic credits. It was through Appreciative Inquiry (AI) that the seeds for the jPod program germinated. Nancy is currently the Program Director for EduTravel and Principal of EduTravel Summer School. Learn more about jPod by reading the OPC article on jPod (PDF).