Unique Experiences


Less Stuff, More Life
Many people are interested in having less impact on the environment, are living “tiny” and are craving more unique experiences and less stuff. If this sounds like you or someone you know then do we have some options for you!

Custom Guitar Song Composed For You

Hello, I’m Nick “Mixmunk” Tateishi and I want to make you, or one of your loved ones, a custom, one-of-a-kind guitar song.  Simply answer a few easy questions about who I’m playing for, such as their favourite season, and I will compose a unique piece of music tailored to them. The custom song will be delivered as a digital download.
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Redwing Institute eGift Cards

Want to give someone a truly unique gift experience? Then give the gift of learning! Redwing Institute e-Gift Cards can be redeemed for any of our outdoor experiential learning programs or our online or live events. The e-Gift Card can carry a balance, can be used over multiple transactions and never expires!

From $25.00 and up